How to be a Smart Blender this Blend November


With the pandemic still looming, thankfully, the online store and your new collection of smart watch bands is in the palm of your hands.
As most of you should know from our Announcement – we will be offering clients amazing and exciting deals not only on Black Friday weekend, but throughout the entire month of November – it’s a Blend November!
To help you guys prepare for an entire month of Blend bargains, our team has perfected a simple guideline to use when shopping with us this Blend November.
What does this concoction entail? Well, have you had your eye on that sophisticated Apple active-leather Tan strap? Or maybe you are waiting for that perfect beach holiday to buy a Banana Leaves Casetify strap? The real question is are you ready to click that Add to Cart button?
The tips in this guideline is your surefire way to click that Add to Cart button with confidence.


We have numerous deals throughout the month however, they have limited availability. Our tip to you is to keep a close eye on our website, Facebook and Instagram social media pages, and to subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date with our latest offers. Each deal will be revealed at the first light of dawn, with its own curated collections one tap away.




Take some time to type in your notes, the straps patiently waiting in your basket, or the strap gifts you have had planned for a fellow smart watch trendsetter. As we say “it’s the best time of the year to snatch those straps”. Well where to start? When each deal is revealed, spot your wishlist straps in the deal’s collection, add them to your cart and now you have ticked off items on your wishlist!




Now is the time to shop with confidence and allow Blend November shopping to be your cardio. Waiting and stalling will leave you plummeting to a floor of disappointment. It’s unlikely that better deals, discounts & specials will come along outside of Blend November and Black Friday.




Our aim for Blend November is to leave all blenders feeling Luxurious and Special with a wider variety of Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Huawei smart watch straps offered to you at amazing once off deals. There is no better feeling than a good-looking wrist and a good-looking bank account. So blenders, just enjoy! Shop to your heart’s desires. 


As Flora Wingrave says, it really is just perfectly splendid!