Love Thine Own Self Within

Over the last year we were faced with a time of solitude and reflection. A time where many of us gathered newfound skills and learnt new things about ourselves. However, one aspect which is relative to many is that we learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life.  
We are responsible for our own happiness, and happiness to some of us might vary in shape and form. The most important kind of love is that which one has for oneself. Self-love speaks to mindful appreciation and physical adoration.



Practicing gratitude, leaves a positive attitude and outlook on life. Acknowledging the rights in yourself and noticing your achievements and ensuring that you praise yourself in the process.
How does one practice mindful appreciation?
In a world that is now built on technology and the internet, there is a large number of applications dedicated to assisting mindful appreciation, including Headspace, Shine and Calm.
Click here to read more on apps to help with mindful appreciation.





By following good health guidelines and practices, physical adoration will come naturally. It is just as important to treat your body as well as you do your mind. Through means including clean eating, regular exercise and meditation, the next step to self-love can be achieved.
Take the time to craft a custom diet plan to suit your needs and your schedule. Read this guideline on how to reach the perfect plan for your body. Putting the right nutrients and minerals into your system, and treating your body like a temple, is one of the best ways to tell yourself ‘I love you’.





In celebration of Valentine’s Day, show yourself the love you deserve with spoils from you, to you. Blend.Style has created Valentine’s Day Gift guides, with straps for the guys and the gals.
P.S. don’t ever be shy when it comes to spoiling yourself.