Are Scrunchies still in style?


In the 90s it was hard to miss, but they are here again and are making a scene as the trendiest accessory for Summer 2021! Scrunchies are back and better. The ruffled hair tie has since evolved into a fashion piece of its own.


Hey Trendsetter!



Celebrities like super model Bella Hadid to Aquaman have been spotted embracing the scrunchie in all its fashionable glory. But trendsetters are not the only lot jumping on the scrunchie bandwagon, big fashion houses have jumped on board too! Balenciaga has dubbed their range as the “Chouchou bracelet” and will have you paying a steep $195 – don’t even think about converting it to Rands, it will do nothing but hurt you. At least the newly elected POTUS, Joe Biden, might make it hurt a little less, lol.




The Smart Scrunchie

The scrunchie style has diversified itself amongst both cool guys and gals, with its versatile designs allowing for both casual and smart wear. Traditionally, the scrunchie has been used to hold up a messy updo and as a bunch bangle on your wrist. Now, it can even be dressed with your smart watch device.


With smart watches becoming the most popular personal digital device, it is very fitting that there are scrunchie smart watch bands to match.

Some choose to go the DIY route to achieve the smart scrunchie, but for those of us that are not endowed with such skills, Blend.Style offers a wide selection of scrunchie smart watch bands compatible with Apple and Fitbit smart watches.





Scrunchie + Smart Watch = Fashion Forward

Much like when they were used for your hair, scrunchies as watch bands are the definition of stylish comfort. They are super stretchy and easy to fit on, but still snug enough to carry your smart watch securely. Fashionable and functional – say goodbye to boring watch bands for your smart watch because scrunchies are back and here to stay.



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