What is Quick Release?

QUICK RELEASE - The UNIVERSAL strap for your smart watch.

So, you love Blend.Style, but as you look through our endless variety of smart watch bands, you aren’t too sure if any of them are compatible with your device; saddened by the fact that you only see Apple, Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Huawei. You will more than likely come across a product or two titled ‘Quick Release Strap’…. But what exactly is a Quick Release strap?


Well, what is it?

Quick Release is actually the mechanism of the watch strap. It is interchangeably referred to as ‘quick-change’ or ‘quick-release’ as it “features a spring bar with a tiny knob protruding through a slot on the underside of the strap.” This makes changing the strap a very simple process for users, with no need to worry about clips breaking or tiny screws getting lost.


How does Quick Release work?

The simplicity of the Quick Release mechanism makes older methods just seem downright primitive and inefficient. There’s no specific mastery required nor specialised tools needed to remove the Quick Release strap from your smart watch device. By using your fingertip to pull on the spring bar, sliding it out of the watch lugs and then releasing it, you’ve already done the job.


Quick Release mechanism


Back to the main question at hand, is your device compatible with the Quick Release mechanism?

There are so many smart watch devices on the market that are compatible with the Quick Release mechanism that we can’t even keep up! The best way to know is to look at the back of your strap. If your strap looks similar to the image below, then it most likely uses Quick Release watch bands. 


A compatibility table for your convenience 

To make life a little easier, we have created a table with the brands and devices we are aware of that are compatible with Quick Release. If you don't see your device below, but think you may need a Quick Release watch band feel free to email us at info@blend.style for more information. 

 Quick Release compatibility table



Now that you understand what Quick Release is, how it works and which devices are compatible; where can you get them?

We offer a beautiful range of Quick Release watch bands at Blend.Style. Sizes 18mm, 20mm and 22mm. In a number of textures and materials including resin link, silicone and scrunchies. Shop the Quick Release collection here and don’t forget to send us a snap of your new Quick Release strap.