How to change your Apple Watch Strap?

While you bought your Apple Watch because of its functionality and what it does for you, making it part of your style is important too. One of the reasons we LOVE Apple Watch is because they’ve made it so easy to change the strap and give your watch a whole new look! No tools or expertise needed ;)

For most individuals, the band they spot on their watch is akin to the way you change your clothes. Before you change your band, it’s important that you know how to change it, after that, the world is your oyster.

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Here is an easy way to change an Apple Watch band in less than a minute with 3 easy steps:

Step 1. Pressing the Band Release Buttons

Start by flipping the watch over to the underside. There are two small buttons that appear on both sides of the watch. Press each of the sensors to release the band on each of the sides.

It is possible that the notch will be visible but unresponsive. You don’t have to struggle with it. Top Tip: Use a pencil eraser in a gentle way to press the buttons in.

Step 2. Sliding Off the Apple Watch Band

Using your free hand, slide the band to the left or right while holding the release button at the same time.

It does not require the use of a tool or too much force to slide the band out of place. Do it on one side of the watch and move to the other.

Step 3. Slide on your new Blend Apple Watch Band

Take your strap and line it up making sure the bottom of the band is facing you. Slide in the band until you hear a click. This means the buttons have fallen into place.

Repeat the same process on the other side.

Without pressing the release button, gently try to slide the band to the left and right to ensure its attached securely.

That's it... as easy as child's play ;)