How to remove links and resize your stainless-steel, ceramic or resin watch strap?

Not only is it incredibly easy to swap bands on your Apple Watch, but it is also amazingly simple to resize your Apple Watch Link Strap. Almost anyone can do it on their own and in just a few minutes.

What you will need:
1x Apple iPhone pin or small watch screwdriver
1 x Blend.Style Apple Watch link strap

Follow these simple steps:

1. Identify the link you wish to remove.

On the inside of the band you will see small arrows on some of the links.
It's important to note that only the pins from these links can be removed.

The arrows also indicate the direction in which the pins need to exit the link.

2. Turn the watch on its side, with the arrows on the links facing down.

3. Locate the screw holding the link in place and gently insert the iPhone pin and apply pressure when ready.

4. The pin will pop out and the link can now be removed.

5. Repeat the process, removing links evenly from both sides, until you achieve the perfect fit.

6. Join your strap back together by lining up the links and insert the pin. 
Make sure when tapping the pin back, the split side of the pushpin goes in last. Apply a tapping motion of pressure until it is secure.

Voila- enjoy your new strap J

For the more visually inclined, here’s a quick video that shows you the process!

(Video coming soon :))

*Should you not want to do this on your own, your local jeweller or watch store would be able to assist you quickly.

How to remove links and resize your new Glam Bracelet.

  1. Adjusting the size of your strap has never been easier! No jeweller or special tools required!
  2. Identify the link you want to remove.
  3. Simply unhook the metal clasp as you would to open the strap when putting your band on it and remove links evenly from both sides, until you achieve the perfect fit.
  4. To join, simply hook the open clasp into the next link and press down to seal the clasp.