About Us

Blend.style is your all-in-one online shop for smartwatch straps, bands and accessories in South Africa. Featuring eclectic styles and varied materials, Blend.style boasts an abundance of fine, versatile and durable smartwatch straps and associated accessories, thoughtfully curated to offer a striking synthesis of comfort, utility and style. As such, these items are well suited for the trendsetting, wearable-tech-wearing pioneers of culture and design in the 2020s… someone like you no doubt!

Blend.style was initially launched in November 2019 by a team of South African female entrepreneurs who share a collective and unwavering passion for all things fashion; coupled with a distinct desire to blend superior form with remarkable functionality. Looking around the smartwatch retail landscape at the time, the founders of Blend.style experienced real frustration caused by the lack of choices and variety for smartwatch straps and accessories in South Africa. Back then, many a shared sigh of despair was released during their quest to find stylish yet practical accessories to enhance the look and feel of their smartwatches; devices which had come to adorn their wrists on the daily basis. The options that were available in those stark and uninspired pre-Blend.style days were– quite frankly– limited, boring and overpriced.

Taking into consideration how firmly integrated technology has become with our lives nowadays, the forward-thinking, fashion lovers behind Blend.style quickly realised that South African smartwatch wearers and wearable tech enthusiasts were craving more. They wanted to up their smartwatch fashion game a notch or two. They were looking for somewhere to go to find and buy exciting and appealing smartwatch straps, bands and accessories. Not just to be satisfied with the staid and same-old-same-old-straps that were in and around the shops those days. This yearning for the freedom to express individual style, unbridled by any restrictions of passing fashion fads is ultimately what led the team to create and launch Blend.style: a destination specifically created to bring South Africans beautifully crafted watch bands, featuring a synchronistic fusion of high quality, durability and sophisticated designs.

Originally the straps and accessories that were available to browse and buy at Blend.style were limited to Apple smartwatch straps. Since these humble beginnings however, the assortment has expanded to showcase a full and vibrant range of brands and makes, including Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung and Huawei smartwatch straps and accessories. Versatile and supremely comfortable, a range of materials, styles, colours and textures is available. From high-end stainless steel to refined leather; and from youthful silicone to contemporary nylon designs, there is quite literally a strap that would suit any moment, feeling or trend.

While each piece has been carefully selected as a standalone, standout item of wearable tech and fashion, the definite recommendation coming from both experts and aficionados in the field is not to be limited. You are so much more than just a single strap!
As wild and unencumbered as your imagination and personal style can soar, so too should your day-to-day fashion choices represent the ever evolving and free-spirited being that you are. This dynamic application of fashion and design to daily life sits at the heart of the Blend.style story:

Be true to you, whoever that may be and in whatever form that may take.
Don’t settle for anything less than what makes your inner god or goddess
sparkle with joy.

In addition to providing South Africans with striking elements to express their individual spirit and style, a second guiding principle behind Blend.style has been– and will always be– to provide its customers with beautiful fashion-forward accessories at affordable prices. The clear focus is on combining affordability with quality. Furthermore, because the founders are self-proclaimed, unapologetic lovers of high-quality fashion, another significant motivation behind Blend.style is to provide exceptional customer service to one and all, personalised and attentive, akin to that received when purchasing high-priced luxury goods. The powerful core value is therefore that quality customer experience and service is available to everyone, not just strictly reserved for a wealthy elite. This philosophy is what drives the Blend.style team to create one amazing place where you can purchase all the best smartwatch straps online in an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience.

No less significant than all of this, the 100% South African female-owned business is additionally proud to be able to offer, without fail, the following:

  • Fast processing of orders and subsequent delivery
  • Easy and seamless return policy
  • Top quality products always guaranteed

So, if you’re looking for an inspired range of removable and durable Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, Samsung and Huawei watch straps, bands and accessories that can be changed up and mixed and matched up to suit and style any specific mood, look or occasion, you’ve certainly come to the right place.